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Aug 20, 2002
I know it has been posted on this board several times, but I thought I would never truly have the need for it. With the news of the $35 Million to Wolf and his friends has angered me soooooo much that I think Wolf and his friends should be in Jail, I know greed is not a crime, but gross mismanagemnt is.
I think this issue needs some press and pressure on current management to file the papers to request the return of that money. That is the only correct, morale, thing to do. To allow it in the first place doesen''t sit to well with me, but now is the time to correct a very BAD decision. The question is do they,current management, have the balls to do the right thing.....(probably not, but with enough outside pressure perhaps they might reconsider)
Where is ABC/CBS/FOX/CNN on this topic???? with the Enorn and Adelphia scandles, wouldn''t this be front page news??
I believe Dave's email is [email protected]. Just a note of advice, don't sit around the computer waiting for a reply. I've emailed him twice since November when I didn't get paid the first Friday after my furlough. Needless to say I'm still waiting for a reply. His secretary did tell me he was good about returning email. When I called back in January and asked the same secretary she told me he had read my emails but didn't know when I would be getting a reply. It's nice to know after 14 years of loyal customer service I would get treated like that.
I also heard from a customer before I left that Stevie just built a multimillion dollar ranch over in Alexandria.
Pretty convenient we filed for bankruptcy in that same town, huh? Maybe the judge is a neighbor. Y'all don't think it was part of that 35 mil that paid for that ranch do you?
Just a little food for thought.
I wrote Mr. Siegel (I refuse to call him Dave anymore)(He is not our friend) Even after Enron,Tyco,etc..we now know that three men walked away with 35 million while thousands have lost their jobs. How ironic that they say it was in their contract yet the employee's contracts are moot. Another note..what type of man accepts millions for failure? This is corporate America at its finest!
On 2/25/2003 3:49:14 PM FURLOUGHED AND LOVING IT wrote:

Pretty convenient we filed for bankruptcy in that same town, huh? Maybe the judge is a neighbor. Y'all don't think it was part of that 35 mil that paid for that ranch do you?
Just a little food for thought.
Maybe even paid for the judge! I guess we'll soon see!
I am also furloughed, voluntary, going back to school for a medically based career.. note that I said career, not job. That is all that U offers anymore, no future, no raises, no opportunity, no vision, no exitement of being in aviation..etc. I invested 23 years of my life in U. It was not all bad..just the last 13 yrs. There is indeed a world outside of U. And so far, it is a better one for me. No more weekends, no more 75 percent paid vacation, no more call work time, no more not being able to give the customer service my passengers deserve! I do not miss it at all.
I, too, am furloughed and am the happiest I have been in years!!!!! I will be studying in abroad this summer as part of my major in school. My health has improved tremendously-I had no idea how stress from my job and this company has been affecting me until I was furloughed. Now,I sleep like a baby, aches and pains that have been with me for years are gone, and I am so relaxed and am able to concentrate on something other that the fact that we will be liquidated tomorrow, no, the next day, no, next week...!!! To quote Jimmy Buffett, "Ain't life grand!"
That is not a thought it is the truth. I love severed n happy too. After 14 years of customer service, there is life away from this so called company. You find ways to supplement your income. Money's not everything but it helps. You just learn to budget and not waste. I had the opportunity to go parttime but then I would have been straight nights, 20 hour weeks and never seeing my son. After burying a dear friend's 2 year old, I realized my son means more to me than 20.00 per hour(subject to change with the wind). You just learn to put your priorities in order. Too bad USAirways can't do the same.
You "go" Hula Girl! If we could only convince the others that are in the position to leave to do so! Life is indeed grand and SO is my husband for supporting me financially and emotionally. I am indeed a lucky woman! And I don't even know how to hula!
How many times have we been asked to send letters--printed up by the company--to congress to get what the company wanted?? Well, this time it's time to write to every network--there is a contact us place on every network's web site. Something along these lines.

Dear Sirs,
Please have some of your investigative reporters check into the $35 million given to the senior management at USAirways just prior to filing for bankrupt proceedings in federal court.

Back it up with some of the reports on this site. Let's see if they use it---and don't forget to sign your name.
On 2/26/2003 3:03:03 AM Severed-N-Happy wrote:

Perpetual Sign hanging on Dave's office door:

"Gone Fishing".
You forgot to include the fine print written at the bottom of the sign "(at the employee breakroom)".