Delta passengers skip past immigration after airline gaffe


Corn Field
Nov 11, 2003
bad bad for delta    absolutely no way wt can defend that    id imagine some punishment action of sorts to come as a result of that   big time violation  no excuse
It's a good thing the loads were as light as they were --- CBP's fine for allowing this to happen is ~$10K per head.

Depending whether or not CBP counts those who they caught in the baggage claim, that could be upward of $500K DL will have a hard time arguing their way out of, since there really were no mitigating circumstances and nobody else to blame it on.
54 pax on a 767 on what many claim to be the highest yeilding international city pair?  20% range load factor.  I'm sure that out of those 54 there had to be some happy NRSA's among them, bring the LF down even further.  I hope that WT doesn't work at JFK and if he does, wasn't at work.  (sorry, counld'nt resist.)
robbedagain said:
bad bad for delta    absolutely no way wt can defend that 
Are you referring to the embarrassment of mistakenly allowing uncleared international passengers into the general terminal area, or the embarrassment of operating a 767-400 on one of the world's most popular and profitable routes with such a sad load factor?
referring to the embarrassment that delta parked an intl flight at a domestic terminal and pax got off   and bypassed customs     that's got to be a hell of a fine against delta for that  
I am actually surprised that a 764 only had 54 pax on board    how many pax does it hold
They hold 246 in a 40/28/178 configuration. Considering it is the 15th of 20 scheduled flights between LHR and JFK, arrives in too late for connections, and was a Tuesday in February, I would think the load was about normal.

Terminal 4 is an international terminal except some of the new Delta gates. Apparently in this instance the flight arrived early, and chocked in just after someone else pushed, and the agent didn't have a chance to reset to international arrival from departure.
thanks phllax  but I would think that the ramp tower  if there is one would have told the crew to go to the intl terminal     as I have heard they went to the domestic portion??