Delta to Adjust Service to Smaller, Underperforming Markets

Oh where do I begin? I'm not even going to try. Delta is no better than any other airline. The bottom line is its BOTTOM LINE. Now maybe I was misiformed by a former NW employee, but he claimed that about 5-10 passengers' ticket prices payed fuel prices for the DC-9.

Just because Delta or any major is leaving a market doesn't mean that some other airline isn't ready to fill the gap for a price!

Welcome to the world of cut-throat B)
given that fuel constitutes at least a third and at times more than 40% of total operating costs, it would be completely inaccurate to think that 5-10 passengers could pay the fuel bill on any type of plane in the DL or Delta Conx fleet.
Perhaps it is because some people - including government people in these cities - think that you can pay the fuel bill with 5-10 passengers that they are being hit with the stark reality that $3 per gallon jet fuel combined with load factors in the 60s at best and passengers paying $200 each way for fares that have to be divided over segments which the regional flight MIGHT get $25 on a prorated basis that it becomes apparent why the service is being cut....
there is no genie in the bottle... you either pay for what you use or it will not be provided... doesnot matter whether it is airline taxes or social security or petroleum...
and no other airline WILL step into those markets and stay there unless someone pays the bill... and there are not a whole lot of people left in the US who are interested in paying the bill for someone else.