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Dec 5, 2003
Delta to Begin Historic, First Nonstop Service between Atlanta and Tel Aviv
Thursday October 6, 11:10 am ET
Flights connect business, religious, leisure and cargo customers with U.S. Southeast and Israel

ATLANTA, Oct. 6, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- Beginning next spring, Delta Air Lines' (NYSE:DAL - News) customers will be part of history when the airline starts the only nonstop service between the U.S. Southeast and Israel. On March 27, 2006, Delta will begin daily service between Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport, Israel, as part of its ongoing international expansion to popular global business and tourist destinations.
``As part of our stepped up transformation plan, Delta is expanding to the world's high-potential business and leisure destinations where our customers want to travel,'' said Delta's Chief Executive Officer Gerald Grinstein. ``This new service makes Atlanta the second U.S. city with nonstop service to Israel and bolsters Hartsfield-Jackson's status as the pre-eminent gateway to America for global travelers. We expect Delta's presence in the U.S.-Tel Aviv market to enhance economic growth and tourism opportunities for both the U.S. and Israel.''

Delta's newest international service builds on a wave of expansion planned for 2006 between Georgia and the world, including recently announced routes between Atlanta and Dusseldorf, Germany, and Copenhagen, Denmark, both of which begin next spring.

To further build support for the new service, Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue will lead a technology and trade mission to Israel in November sponsored by the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce and the Georgia Department of Economic Development. The mission will generate new business opportunities for Atlanta and the Southeast while helping promote Delta's new service to Israeli business leaders.

``I am proud that Georgia will become the first southeastern state with nonstop service to Israel,'' said Governor Sonny Perdue. ``This new route will boost commerce and tourism between Georgia and Israel, which have grown exponentially over the last several years.'' In 2004, Israel ranked 22nd among Georgia export destinations with exports totaling $173 million.

The Israel Department/Division of Tourism worked tirelessly to bring this historic service to Tel Aviv from Atlanta and are eager to welcome U.S. travelers to Israel.

``We are delighted by Delta's decision to begin flying nonstop flights from Atlanta to Israel,'' said Israel's Minister of Tourism Avraham Hirchson. ``These flights will provide a much needed addition to the available capacity of seats for visitors from North and South America wishing to fulfill their dream to visit Israel. The demand for travel to Israel continues to increase, and we foresee 2006 as a record year. We welcome Delta to Israel.''

Customers will enjoy the comfort of Boeing 777 widebody aircraft on Delta's new flight between Atlanta and Tel Aviv which includes the carrier's award-winning BusinessElite(tm) service. Delta's in-flight experience will offer customers flying to Israel Kosher meal selections. In addition, these new flights bring multiple opportunities for freight forwarders and cargo shippers.

Delta's new daily non-stop service between Atlanta and Tel Aviv beginning March 27, 2006:

Flight Departs Arrives
152 Atlanta at 10:45 p.m. Tel Aviv at 5:25 p.m.
(the following day)
153 Tel Aviv at 11:45 p.m. Atlanta at 6 a.m.
(the following day)
Return flight begins March 28
Subject to Israeli government approval

With its upcoming fall and winter schedule, Delta will add to the more than 40 new international routes already introduced, announced or sought authority to serve since Jan. 1, 2005, including New York (JFK) to Chennai, India (via Paris); New York (JFK) to Berlin, Germany; and Atlanta to Moscow, Russia, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to name just a few. These schedule enhancements strengthen Delta's position as both a leading carrier to Latin America as well as the No. 1 U.S. airline across the Atlantic.

Additionally, customers flying Delta between Atlanta and Tel Aviv will have access to the world's most extensive connecting flight schedules thanks to Atlanta's status as the world's largest single-airline hub. Each day, Delta operates flights to 49 destinations in 32 countries from Atlanta, including 150 domestic destinations.
Where are the 777 coming from? I thought they would use a 767-300ER, its not like Delta has lots of 777 they can just switch from one route to another. Delta needs more 777's.
is it possbile that DAL will use more 763s to europe and free up more 777s for this TEL AVIV service? also what is the airport code for TEL AVIV?
TLV - It is a great layover spot, absolutely faboulous. I did about 300 layovers in TLV working for TWA, and enjoyed every one.
TLV is the toughest flight for the flight attendants to work bar none! (New Delhi hasnt started for us yet.)(CAL)In coach, the plane looks trashed before you take off, kids are running around all over the place. I agree that the layover is great, the people are freindly off the plane, but something happens during those 12 hours, thats another story.Off course, on the way out, they are very thankful. My First Class .
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perhaps part of DL's motivation for its schedule is precisely because of the rowdy kids. You'll notice the schedule is a double overnight. At most, passengers will probably be awake for a few hours in each direction.

DL has at least a half dozen 767-300ERs that are in the process of being reconfigured from domestic to int'l service. They also have a fleet of 21 767-400ERs that are currently in domestic configuration/service (including east coast to Hawaii flights); I'm not sure the specific plans DL has for the 400s but they are all candidates for conversion for international service. Right now, only two airplanes are needed to fly DL's ATL-Tokyo flight which is the only flight that requires a 777. The ATL-TLV schedule pretty closely matches the ATL-NRT schedule so only 3 airplanes are needed to fly both routes. DL still has considerable expansion potential with its 777 fleet. DL also has 777s on order; it will remain to be seen what DL does with its Boeing orders (which also include dozens of 737-800s) but I'll bet DL will convert some of the orders to 787s.
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don't know...haven't heard whether it's inside or outside work.
WorldTraveler said:
perhaps part of DL's motivation for its schedule is precisely because of the rowdy kids. You'll notice the schedule is a double overnight. At most, passengers will probably be awake for a few hours in each direction.

There is a cartoon postcard for sale at the hotel gift shop in TLV. It shows the inside of an airplane totally trashed from floor to ceiling,captioned "Welcome to TLV". This flight is famous world-wide for being, challenging. Our (CAL)all-niter is more senior for FA's than the daytime flight. I just hope those southern belles from ATL have thick skins.Our special meals list is usually 75%-to80% of the total!Hers a hint for catering. Go ALL GLATT on the Kosher Meals!s.Trust me. One more thing. CAL lets the Hassidic pax congregate in the rear galley for a group prayer and we must leave for 5-10 minutes for their privacy. :down: When the Hassidics fly EL AL they get a waiver or some dispensation on the prayer thing!We learned quickly to seal ALL of our carts during this time we are not in the galley. :shock: Good luck DL FA's.. and bring lots of patience! Shalom :D