Delta to go Daily on MCO-GRU

Azul decided not to start MCO-GRU and Kev said he saw someplace that DL will not fly MCO-BSB. If true, the increase in seats on MCO-GRU is about the same as what is being cxld on MCO-BSB.

GRU is a far larger local market and operates with a 767 which can carry cargo.
Yes. This is early in the 2016 announcement cycle and with earnings as strong as they are, DL does have the ability to pursue its long-term strategic objectives.
indeed.... there is a larger market in São Paulo and plenty of connections.

Other carriers are also making adjustments to their Brazil service. AA is ending CWB (Curitiba) while Campinas (VCP) becomes Brazil summer seasonal. Other routes are losing some frequencies. UA is reducing gauge on a couple of markets.

based on currently announced changes, AA and DL will both be down about 12% in seats by next summer from this past summer while UA will be down just over 7%. AA will still have about 1/3 of the seats between the US and Brazil with JJ (TAM) having a slightly lower percentage as #2. Azul will have about half the number of seats that DL has and Azul is growing. With these changes, DL is now slightly larger than UA between the US and Brazil.

With the prospects of a weak Brasil Real extending into the northern summer of 2016, aircraft can be better used to Europe while in the northern winter, there aren't a whole lot of other opportunities to deploy aircraft.