Dinner on Me


Aug 27, 2002
Well my friends...in the spirit of Thanksgiving and my personal appreciation for the great people of United...if all unions ratify and the loan is granted...I''d like to invite y''all over for dinner .
Obviously I can''t host all 100,000 of you. But the most active posters here (yes even wts54 and kcabpilot ;) ) I''d love to meet you all and eat, drink, and blow off some steam. Preferably, no talk about United would take place...just an opportunity to forget about the industry for a while.
Oh and by the way...this isn''t a bribe for UA union votes. I don''t work for United...so don''t think I''m trying to buy votes [img src=''http://www.usaviation.com/idealbb/images/smilies/2.gif''].
Take care,

Thankyou for your offer and I'll take you up on it. Why don't you organize an outing somewhere in the Spring when the whether warms a bit and everyone can be outside.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and to everyone on this Board. Especially to all the naysayers and bah-humbug'rs.
We already have such an event here in Chicago. It's called the Jerry Springer Show!
Man, that dinner would qualify as a spectator sport. I think you could sell tickets to that one! For safety reasons though, I wouldn't give certain posters here (who shall remain nameless) access to any large knives : )
Well if the vote this in they may not really have the option of turning down a free meal will they?

How much do you make?
I'm sure that if things go the way you advocate, you'll be able to buy everyone thanksgiving dinner with what you can save off the airfares or from selling UAL stock.
Don't have to worry about 100,000....we're down to 84,000 minus another 9000 here shortly....on the other hand....what kind of knives do you have
Thank you for the offer.
I'll have to pass this year, but put me down for my whole family next year.

I guess if Turkeys had a message board, ours would look peaceful next to it.

Happy Thanksgiving

ps. Gobble gobble gobble could mean blah blah blah!