Happy Thanksgiving!


Sep 16, 2002
On that we all can agree !
Name 5 things you are grateful for and give thanks.
1. I am grateful for my good health
2. I am grateful for my family, friends and co-workers'' good health
3. I am grateful that I wake up each day to enjoy all that life has in store for me and that I create my own happiness.
4. I am grateful for my abilities to communicate to you.
5. I am grateful that United has a true leader at the helm at last and that I work for the best airline in the business with the most to offer to its customers.
For all the above and much more I give thanks!
Happy thanksgiving to all.

Don't over eat.
Don't drive drunk. Remember if you stay where you ate you will find plenty to eat in the morning. YUM YUM. Leftovers are the best.
Are you sure you are getting these items to be thankful for from a credible source??

Just kidding of course!

Happy turkey day all!
Thanksgiving-like New Years, is a great time to pause and reflect. Is putting your energy into saving a company that has been safely flying airplanes for over 75 years worth your time? If you are still drawing a paycheck from UAL and have not yet voted with your feet, then your answer must be YES.
The long view is needed here. Just like it could not be Good times forever, it will not be Bad times forever. When things inevitably turn around, it would be great to have UAL in a position to grow and take advantage of that-as opposed to mired in a chap. 7 situation thinking about what could have been.

Happy Thanksgiving.
I echo everyone's sentiments. But I think tomorrow is the perfect time for all of us to step back and reflect on all that has happened to UA in the last couple of years and realize that we have much to be thankful for. I find myself thinking of the events of 9/11 and our fallen co-workers who gave the ultimate sacrifice for all of us. I'm quite sure they'd want us to keep fighting the good fight together so we can rebuild this airline into the competitive and profitable powerhouse it once was. Let's not let them down. I find myself thinking about the thousands of my fellow employees who have been furloughed since 9/11. I'm quite sure they want us to keep fighting the good fight together so we can rebuild this airline into the competitive and profitable powerhouse it once was, so that they have the option of returning to UA and finishing their careers. Let's not let them down.

We all have our own situations that make us different. But we are bound by the common bond of all being United Airlines employees. And we are stuck in a struggle to turn our company around and keep it from total failure. We have our complaints and we have our differences. But I believe that for the most part, our situations are much better off than the groups I listed above. For that we should be thankful. I know for me personally, I am thankful for many things: my wife and son and unborn child #2 due May 5th; my family and friends; my health; the resolve and strength of all 84,000 of my co-workers, who despite their anger and emotion, deep down want this airline to succeed. The list could go on and on and on because when we actually pause to reflect on what we're thankful for, it's surprising how much we can come up with that often gets lost in the shuffle.

So tomorrow, let's all remember what's truly important in our lives and be thankful. Despite the tough times that lie ahead for all of us, we have the ability to do what's necessary to prove all the naysayers wrong and make this company succeed again. It won't be easy, it will take some time, and there will be some pain for all of us along the way. But I know that together we can do it. We owe it those co-workers we lost on September 11th. We owe it to the thousands who've been furloughed and will be furloughed. But most of all, we owe it to ourselves.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone (and yes, that even includes PineyBob, BobOwens, kcabpilot and mastermechanic
There is a common thread that ties us all together. Sometimes it becomes tangled and full of knots, but if we believe that there is something greater than ourselves, we can overcome any obsticle we encounter.

The last few years have been hard on all of us. Sometimes these things break us, but so many times they make us stronger than we ever thought we could be.
Faith has worked in my life and I have seen the powers of it first hand.
I thank God for everything I have.

Years ago, I was reading the Old Testament, and came upon a story about the Tower of Babel.
It tells how God saw that through mans ability to cooperate with one another, they could achieve anything, so he confused their language so they could not communicate with one another anymore.

I always thought that was strange, because we can communicate with each other. As I grew older I started to see what was really being said here.
Man can speak to each other, but we don't often see many things the same way.
We never all agree on any issue, therefore, we have conflict on the message boards.
So it wasn't the devil that made me do it. lol

Happy Thanksgiving to all.