DL posts solid profit; DOT data shows strategies working

you missed it. the tangent is that DL and NW had identical labor CASMs as of the merger although NW was heavily unionized and DL far less so.

You apparently have missed that AA doesn't have a monopoly in JFKLHR any more - although it did for years... and DL and UA (via CO) now have solid portions of the NYC-LHR market.

As for the transcons, DL along w/ VX have now taken huge chunks of the market and aren't carrying trash fares, as much as some people would like to think they do. Both DL and VX now carry revenue close to what AA carries and DL will probably pass AA as the largest JFK transcon carrier by total revenue by the time AA puts the 321s on the route - if DL hasn't done that already.

Latin America remains AA's greatest asset - but that isn't hard to do when it is a limited access market where competitors can't expand w/ ease; MIA alone is a protected city in many treaties between the US and Latin America. It isn't hard to be the #1 carrier when no one else can enter - for now. But times will change in Latin America - just as they have in other parts of the world, including LHR and NYC.....

DL's solid profits come from being able to continually develop new markets and grow their network - often at the expense of other carriers.