DL retires first747-400 built

Truly sad to see the 747-400 slowly leave DL.
Still one of the coolest things to see is at DTW is the DL 747 parked at A40 / A46 ... ... ...
The first Boeing 747-400 heads for retirement, while executive departures at United Airlines stir up a controversy.
The Atlanta-based airline (NYSE: DAL) reported Delta Ship 6301- the first Boeing 747-400 delivered to a commercial airline - made its first flight with Northwest Airlines in December 1989, and has logged more than 61 million miles, enough to make 250 trips from the Earth to the moon. Northwest and Delta merged in Oct. 2008.
Today Delta retired the first Boeing 747-400 aircraft ever built for a commercial airline, after its final flight from Honolulu to Atlanta.
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FWIU, she will be parked, parts taken for spares, set up for museum and a fresh coat of paint in Dec.
The move to the Museum should be fun to witness.