DL's most senior captain retires after 37 years


Corn Field
Dec 5, 2003
DL's most senior captain is retiring after 37 years; for 8 of them he has been DL's most senior pilot.

He is in a league with few other people:

"Flanigan is an unassuming man who is described as humble and inspiring by his colleagues at Delta. In his nearly 37 years with the company, he has never missed a day of work, used a single sick day or had any actions taken against him by the FAA or Delta."

“Delta has been a dream for me,” Flanigan said. “That was my number one choice from day one and I was fortunate enough to work with them. I can’t think of one negative. It was my number one choice and still is.”

"He started in the maintenance department at Delta and used any extra money available for flying lessons."

"Flanigan said his journey has been an adventure as he has had the privilege of flying the inaugural flights in and out of several new international destinations such as Tel Aviv and Dubai as captain of a Boeing 777. Passengers on his flights have included movie stars, athletes, and musicians, most recently of which was flying a Boeing 777 chartered by Rihanna for her seven day, seven nation tour to promote her new album last November."

Congratulations, Captain, for a job extraordinarily well done.

All the very best to you.

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And in a related story, "Delta to Buy Cloning Company in California".


Congratulations on a long and distinguished career. No sick days in 37 years. Wow.
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