Do You Know What Clinton's Doing?

Jun 18, 2004
Bill Clinton has just released his new book"My Life"(So original). The reason Clinton just released his book was to take attention off of John Kerry. But why would he hurt his own party?
The reason Clinton is drawing attention away from his own party is because he and Hillary want George Bush elected! But why? Because if Bush wins, then when Hillary runs in 2008,(I think she's going to run sometime)she will run unopposed in the Democrat party. If Kerry wins, she will have to wait and run in 2012 ,because Kerry will be trying to be re-elected in 2008. It may seem complicated, but I think it's true!
But still VOTE BUSH-CHENEY IN 2004! :up:
... and Cheney will remain on the Repugnant ticket so that Jebbie has an easy shot in 2008.