Does HP''s withdrawl from CMH open opportunities for FL?


Aug 20, 2002
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Since CMH has announced that they intend to close the CMH hub, they''ll no longer be serving DCA from CMH, and they won''t be able to serve LGA at all.
Anyone know what the slot situation is? Can HP sell their LGA slots and short haul slots at DCA? Or does someone else own them? Will the DOT control who the slots go to?
Thanks in advance for the responses!
I believe that HP will have the opportunity to selll their slots.

FL may have an opportunity from CMH, but this will be limited to ATL, too much competition on LGA and DCA from US, AA, DL, and CO.

The biggest benefactor of HP's departure will be WN.
Maybe you misunderstood me. I don't expect FL to open CMH. But could the LGA and DCA slots be used for FL to fly to other destinations? For example, DCA-ATL, and LGA to other existing cities? Or is the buyer locked into serving the cities served by HP?
There are 3 dailies on DCA-CMH by AmWest. If these aren't just commuter slots, I could easily see FL take these, and start up DCA-ATL 3x daily.
Speaking of DCA, any word on FL's DCA service that should be starting soon(I believe 2x daily to south florida).
i heard that FL has gone back to the DOT asking for at least 2-3 more r/t slots at DCA, in order to make the station profitable. the 2 r/ts won't cut it.