DOT Denies PHL-PEK Extension

You mean, like domestic-only Southwest?

Read the entire post before responding next time.... And yes I mean SWA, the airline US Airways has never been able to compete against... You know the airline they lost the entire west cost operation to, oh and don't forget BWI, can't forget BWI. US's costs are MUCH higher then SWA's and they don't run a hub and spoke airline. US would fail flying only domestic.
Except the application was approved based on daily service with a set amount of seats and cargo space. Great to go after cargo contracts. In the poor economy here and in China, along with the fact that, ith out daily service you may not be able to service the contracts as needed. Just because they didnt get the service up and running doesnt mean there will be no further access.

Like all airlines they started out daily and adjusted to demand. I don't see how this is so diffcult to understand. As for China and it's economy, well I guess we read different news. BTW, 2 months ago I worked HKG, we re-routed a few coach people because what we had in the belly was worth more then the few extra dollars we had to give them to take the re-route. I guess CAL is immune to these problems you speak of.