Economic Recovery Spells Trouble for Republicans

The first amendment only protects you from the government restricting your speech, not a company.

Think he figured that out by now.....
He only knows what I told him. Besides, we are making more money with less stress now than when I was with AA and I don't work for a company in bankruptcy.

I have lived here since 97. The education system is pathetic. Air quality is poor. Employee safety (West ring a bell?) is crappy on a good day. Labor laws favor the employer. My property tax is 3%. Yea, great state.

I hear ya' Tree.
It's Not hard to understand the shitty edu. system, so long as you've got THEOCRATS re-writing textbooks.

No substitute for a Medical doctor who wont Prostitute himself 'for The MAN' when it comes to FMLA, or an IRON CLAD work-comp case with a PIT BULL lawyer.
Gotta figure that a RR Job (BNSF/UP or Amtrak) or a longshoremans gig on the Houston Docks with plenty of Strong Union...'We got your Back'.....would be too tough to take.
WTF Barry-O ? You don't think BaRackOcare will want doctors to "Prostitute" themselves or is it as long as it's for the collective hive, it's ok for them to whore themselves out ?
Oh and Tree, talk about not addressing questions directed your way, again I'll ask, "How much State income tax do you pay"?
Desperation time for the Repubs. Everything is a "scandal" except the economy getting better. That one is a conspiracy.
Oh and Tree, talk about not addressing questions directed your way, again I'll ask, "How much State income tax do you pay"?

Did not see it the first time. We do not pay any income tax, that is why we pay 3% or better property tax.
Here's your artificial economic recovery......all propped up by the Fed like I and others pointed out before.

Next stop: pulling all those bucks in and inflation......

(Reuters) - The stock market has been put on notice by the Federal Reserve: from here on in, you're on your own.

The declines, should they continue, would justify the fears of those who believed the rally that sent the S&P 500 .SPX to record highs last month was only due to Fed intervention.

Just the same, if the Fed is bent on reducing its bond-buying program absent a calamity, signs of mediocre economic growth won't inspire buying, either.
So far this year "it was a matter of 'good data is good and bad data is good,'" said Brian Jacobsen, chief portfolio strategist at Wells Fargo Funds Management in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.
"You can't take bad data any more as an excuse for a rally in the market," he said.