EWR to Liberty? What code?


Aug 19, 2002
It would probably stay EWR since it would take a lot of work to recode it.
When DCA went from National to Reagan it remained the same.
Why Not Newark Liberty International? What is wrong with that for a name?
There is a rule that prevents airports within the same metro area both have the same first letter of an airport code. Since "L" is taken by "LGA" and "N" can't be used, I don't think there would be any advantage to change the airport code.
As long as we have politicians, and entities trying to brown-nose said politicians, it's likely we'll have to put up with airports being renamed. [:(]

However, the airport code would not change. To wit, Fresno's still FAT and Sioux City still SUX. New Orleans can be MSY at times (I know, I need to buy a vowel) and I can't figure out why MCO, while keeping its code, hasn't been renamed the Cryogenics International Airport (think waaaaay before Teddy Ballgame on this one).

And besides, hardly anyone calls these places by their "renames"--the politicos certainly, and the media, but usually only in first reference. The folks that work there and most of the public don't. DCA is still National Airport.

And do you know anyone who says "I'm heading over to the Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport to catch a flight"? When and how did that one get changed? Must have been slipped in under the radar. Then there's Freddie Pena's--oops, that's only the access road and not the airport...so far.

Now there is one renaming proposal that I just might go along with, that being LIT becoming the "Bill Clinton International Airport And Massage Parlor." [:bigsmile:]
Or LHR, LGW, LCY and LTN... (all four are London airports.. only Stansted doesn't start with L...)

As I recall it, the first -and- last letters can't be the same. That's why Dulles is IAD vs. DIA -- it could be too confusing with DCA.

Renaming to Liberty is probably a lot more appropriate than some people think, since both Liberty Island (home to the statue) and Ellis Island are hooked up to New Jersey utilities, and appear to be on the NJ side of the state line running down the Hudson and across NY Harbor...

But trying to convince a New Yorker that the Statue of Liberty is in New Jersey is almost as bad as telling them that their football teams are really the New Jersey Jets and New Jersey Giants, since they play in the Meadowlands, also in New Jersey!
Now there is one renaming proposal that I just might go along with, that being LIT becoming the "Bill Clinton International Airport And Massage Parlor." [:bigsmile:]

Shouldn't that be XNA, a.k.a. Bubbaville? ;-)
I am personally concerned about people getting confused between the current Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport and the soon to be Austin George "W" Bush International Airport... But maybe I am thinking too far ahead.[:bigsmile:]
(Quote) Shouldn't that be XNA, a.k.a. Bubbaville? ;-) (End quote)

LIT, XNA, either one works for me!

And another one just slipped under the radar. Those goons at the NYNJ Port Authority did indeed rename EWR on Thursday, after yielding slightly to the local politicos in Newark.

Can't wait for some NY state entity to propose renaming their airport after Hillary. [:(]

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