FAA Wants Airlines To Fight Sexism on Aircraft


Oct 23, 2010
When does it stop? Where will it stop??
Not sure if it will work out and it won't be as easy as they think. Think about all the manuals, printed logs and instructions etc. Mechanics to mechanics as well as to Pilots and ground crews will always call it as it is today and has been for 100's of years.
I say leave it as is. Next they will want to spread it thru shipping and boating world too...

Just another example of the FAA powers at be working from home during the last year and half with nothing better to do than screw up the airlines. Case in point: this country has been obese for the past 40 years, but "all of a sudden" passengers weigh 205 instead of 190lbs and bags weight 5 pounds more than they did. Thus, planes are constantly weight restricted. Airlines keep adding seats, but now can't put anyone in them. Good old government control.