Spirit Looking at Laying off or Furloughing 20-30%


Oct 23, 2010
I have not heard of nor seen any articles where Spirit was offering any kind of exit or long term leaves to their employees. Spirit may not have the cash on hand in order to offer, I don't know. Still in great hope that the gov will extend the airline payroll assistance really quick. If not they will see upwards of hundreds of thousands of employees unemployed, applying for unemployment, and more dire numbers for jobless people. This would not be good on an election year for the House, Congress as well as the Pres.

A slight turn here, but should be considered;
Hope you mechanics have enough cards signed and turned in for the AMFA vote. You would be 10X's better off with a Class & Craft union representing you guys thru these rough times. If I am not mistaken the teamsters are currently representing you guys, do you really want them working behind closed door deals with the company like they did here at SWA and also a many times at CAL too as well as others? Also think about how many "other" groups they represent at your carrier OTHER than the mechanics?? Where do you all think you get placed in their list of importance??? Get AMFA in there now guys so that you can be focussed on (mechanics) 100% by a Class & Craft for Mechanics union. This way mechanics will become the #1 focus, huge difference my friends.

Good luck to all on the AMFA card drive and vote Hope ya'all get er done. Let us all hope the extension goes thru to help out the industry thru March 2021...

OOps! Forgot to add the link I read this morning;