Flight Attendants' Nightmare

"Taser-guns"! Hell, where were some of the passengers? I mean visions of 9-11 one would think that a few of the passengers might have come to this poor girls rescue, I know I would have.
I find it unusual that someone didn't help them out. Only thing I can come up with; is maybe someone did ask if they could help, but the flight attendants figured they had it under control. I hope they throw the book at him !!

I suppose if I was on the plane and was asked to help, I would, but not to the degree of killing someone because they're drunk. Start that, and MADD will be asking everyone to kill the nearest drunk so they don't get into a car and drive somewhere to potentially kill someone.
And if I saw that the FA's were in a situation, I might offer some help, but that's hard see if everything is going on behind you. I don't know about you, but the only time my attention is towards the back of the plane is when I'm off to the lavatory.
It'd have been better to stick him in a seat at the front, so every set of eyes could watch him. Shame him into submission.
Sorry guys........when it comes to drunk unruly passengers I draw the line. It goes back to the days when I was working during freeze up in the 70’s in Moosinee/Moose Factory and we were running a Medi-Vac to Moose Factory with a 47J2A, for those who might not be familiar with the configuration the driver sits up front and the passengers directly behind.

We had a passenger that was under the influence that fell and hurt himself and he needed immediate attention and we were flying him over to the hospital at Moose Factory. On final the passenger pulled out an empty whiskey bottle and planted into the back of the pilot’s head………..end result, pilot lived as a vegetable for a few hours, the passenger burned with the aircraft and we were sued for negligence and the wife won.

Investigation proved that the pilot nor the aircraft were not a fault and the aircraft crashed due to this one-person action. This pilot was a good friend of mine; all of 20 years old at the time and we just finished a tour with a G4 up the “Bay James” coast. So, ya I do get a little twitchy when it comes to drunk unruly passengers in an aircraft.

according to the Hamilton news tonight the creep gets to spend 4 months in the "crowbar hotel"

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From what I heard he pled guilty and then brought a bunch of "Character references" to his sentencing but they were quickly recanted when the people that wrote them found out it was for a criminal trial and not for something more mundane.
I think it is great that the SumBitch got jail time. I am surprized that it was not picked up by ht enational p[apaers or even here in YYC WJA's home.

I would like to see the Hamilton paper's article if you can post it. I imagine the jail tiem will greatly deminish his career with the Toronto Police
Sorry graunch :( I don't have the article as the info I used was the CH news cast.

however if You want more info the Hamilton Spectator will sell You back isssue stories on their web site.
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Fellow officers rethink support for cocaine user; Grewal convicted in air-rage assault
The Spectator
Tue 31 Aug 2004
Page: A3
Section: Local
Byline: Barbara Brown
Source: The Hamilton Spectator

Two Toronto police officers are having second thoughts about supporting a brother officer who was convicted in April of sexually assaulting a WestJet flight attendant.

The veteran officers testified they're concerned about appearing to endorse the past behaviour of Constable Amarjit Grewal, who admits to using cocaine and marijuana and to periodic blackouts brought on by severe alcoholism.

Constable Laurence Zimmerman, who has served 18 years with the Toronto Police Service, contacted Grewal's lawyers and the Hamilton Crown attorney's office to ask that his letter of character reference not be filed as an exhibit at Grewal's sentence hearing.

"It was meant to distance myself," Zimmerman said under cross-examination yesterday by assistant Crown attorney Katherine Livingstone. "I knew nothing about the cocaine use and I do not condone it."

Officer Paolo Martino, who retires today after 29 years of service, testified he wrote a glowing character reference because he wanted to encourage Grewal's rehabilitation and recovery from alcoholism. However, he did so without knowing the full extent of what happened on the Hamilton-bound WestJet flight from Edmonton on Aug. 27, 2002.

Grewal pleaded guilty in April to uttering threats to kill the crew and passengers, assaulting a flight attendant and sexually assaulting another. The woman endured several hours of abuse to protect others while the pilots searched for a place to land.

Martino said that after hearing evidence in court about the nature of the sexual assault and Grewal's admitted cocaine use, he no longer supported the convicted officer's aspirations to remain on the police force.

Dr. Joseph MacMillan, who specializes in the treatment of addiction disorders, was asked to assess Grewal for substance abuse after the officer showed up for work one day last October smelling of alcohol, which was a breach of his bail conditions.

Grewal had been in a residential program for treatment of his alcoholism at the Homewood Health Centre in Guelph. He was discharged from the private hospital in March 2003 but relapsed a short time later after attending a few Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Following Grewal's relapse, an occupational health physician retained by the Toronto Police Service requested a substance-abuse assessment be done by MacMillan.

MacMillan testified that he was told in a telephone conversation that the police service suspected Grewal was using cocaine, although the officer had denied this to his employer.

MacMillan said he was also advised that Police Chief Julian Fantino had issued a memo recommending termination for any officer known to have a cocaine problem.

MacMillan diagnosed Grewal as alcohol dependent but concluded he was not addicted to cocaine or marijuana.

The expert said he reported substance dependency but did not specifically cite the cocaine use.

Livingstone suggested to MacMillan that he did not mention the cocaine use because he knew it would be automatic grounds for Grewal's dismissal.

MacMillan replied he did not mention the cocaine use because most people cannot distinguish between drug use and drug dependency.

"I don't think it is required of me to indicate which drugs patients have tried and have used," he said.

The sentence hearing continues today before Ontario Court Justice Robert Weseloh.

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Officer gets jail time for sexual assault on Westjet flight
Penticton Herald
Thu 02 Sep 2004
Page: A8
Section: Canada
Source: Canadian Press

HAMILTON (CP) -- A Toronto police officer who sexually assaulted a flight attendant and threatened to kill a planeload of passengers was stripped of his duties, suspended without pay and sentenced to jail time Wednesday.

Ontario Court Justice Robert Weseloh sentenced Const. Amarjit Singh Grewal to four months for sexual assault and three months for threatening death, to be served concurrently. The judge also sentenced Grewal to one day for assaulting another flight attendant.

The 15-year veteran officer of the Toronto Police Service also faces five Police Act charges, which will be dealt with through a tribunal after his sentence. It's likely Grewal will lose his job.

"We've taken a position that we have no place for them once they've been to (jail)," said Staff Insp. George Cowley of Toronto police's professional standards branch.

Grewal, 34, pleaded guilty to the charges in April. Court heard on the night of Aug. 27, 2002, he was drunk and boarded WestJet flight 659 from Edmonton to Hamilton.

About 30 minutes into the 3 1/2-hour flight, Grewal placed his right hand into the air like a gun and shouted, "You have no idea what I can do to all of these people on the plane. I could blow them away."

The flight attendant, who cannot be identified under a court order, tried to keep Grewal occupied and away from other passengers for more than two hours, court heard.

Grewal pushed her into a window seat, pressed up against her, and began to stroke her face while speaking in a foreign language.

He told her that he wanted to jump on her and have sex. He later touched her breast and put his hand down her pants into her underwear.

Weseloh said the woman, who continues to suffer from nightmares and post-traumatic stress syndrome, displayed "phenomenal courage."

She hasn't returned to her duties at WestJet and is in therapy.

Grewal was also given three years probation, must submit a DNA sample, and is barred from carrying firearms for 10 years.

He must take part in rehabilitation programs for anger management and substance abuse, and is not allowed to board an aircraft in Canada without approval from his parole officer.
Some corrections are necessary here. First of all, this COP (Constable on patrol) was a PEACE Officer, NOT a Police Officer. As a Constable he is not even an NCO (Non Commissioned officer). Ergo, a Police Superintendant is not therfore called a Police Officer Officer.

Secondly, if this Constable was with the police force for 18 years and was still a Constable I would suggest very strongly that his service record would show that he had previous "problems" of some sort within that police force or is borderline stupid.......ditto for any other police force, including the RCMP.

Whatever the case, the second he was convicted of an Indictable Offense under the Criminal Code he immediately gave up life as a Peace Officer, Constable, Private Rent-a Cop, Commisssioner of Oaths or any position requiring him to be bonded. He may now consider himself "screwed" for life. The US Immigration and Naturalization folks also now become intrested in that record should he attempt to cross their borders. .
Hey Cap,

I gotta agree with most of what you said with the exception of the following

Secondly, if this Constable was with the police force for 18 years and was still a Constable I would suggest very strongly that his service record would show that he had previous "problems" of some sort within that police force or is borderline stupid.......ditto for any other police force, including the RCMP.

I have quite a few friends who are 5-0's that have served close to that amount of time and have no desire to get into "management" of their force, for various reasons and are still constables, Senior Constables to be exact. I guess all that I'm saying is that his option to move up may have been of his own accord.

That being said, I'd agree with what you've said regarding his record not being exemplary and that he had previous "problems".

Based on racial profiling and his now not so shiny record, I wouldn't want to be in his shoes trying to go stateside.


Sorry, but the minute you move into the Senior Constable ranks, you are already in "Management". You know when you have left the junior ranks because you start to get the better shifts, more responsibility duty-wise and they start giving YOU the "newbies" so that you can "hold their hand" and teach them, just like you were taught. You get promoted in the RCMP and you got promoted. Don't like it..... "tough banannas". I'll stand by my statement regardless of what your friends said. If they're already Sr. Constables, they're already in "Management" and don't know it then. If not, then all they are allowed to do on their own is go to the bathroom and load their pistol/revolver.