Flying AA First Time - Seat Location


May 21, 2017
hi! I'll be flying American Airlines for the first time this summer. I'll be on an Airbus A319. I'm hoping you all can give me suggestions for a good window seat. Right now I'm scheduled to sit at 22A, but I was considering changing to 15A or 16A. Are any of these windows obstructed by a wing or engine? Thanks in advance!
The exit row on the A319 is Row 14. Therefore I think it is safe to say that you would have some view blockage by the wings and engines in rows 15 and 16. However, it would more than likely be blockage of the view ahead or straight down more than anything, and at 30,000 feet there's not that much to see in either direction.

In row 22 you would be well clear of either obstruction.
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