Fractional Hiring


Jan 2, 2003
Hey everyone who visits these lonely corporate boards.
I am looking into moving to either Cleveland or Columbus to be a part of factional life.
With that, I am looking into becoming an owner sales rep or a customer administrator. Is there anyone out there who can tell me more about these jobs? Things like a typical work day, weaknesses at Exec, FlexJet, or Flight Options. Pit falls in hiring and typical qualifications of applicants is a plus.
I am looking for more than what the job description on Netjets/Flight Options says.
Now a little about me. Aviation Management Major graduating in 2003.
Good GPA, plenty of outside activities. Work full-time while in school dealing heavily in customer service, marketing (advertising and product placement), and contract client relations (I worked for a food service contractor on campus). I have experience as an intern for a large fligh operations department consisting of a fleet of Falcons and have worked as a ramp rat for a local FBO as well as American. Commerical Mulitengine rated pilot with 250 TT. I am really looking for more than just a pilot job, I want to interact with customers. Any advice is helpful!
Thanks for your time.