Starts In The Industry.


Feb 13, 2004
Brought to you by the CA Aviation Challenge :D

Heres a question for everyone here:

What Occupation did you have before coming into the Heli Industry?
How did you get that 1st job in the industry?
What was your 1st job in the industry?
How did you get that 1st flying job?
Tips to getting that 1st job,1st flying job?

Heres Mine: (some of you who know me probley already know this haha)
I have a position as a After Hours Dispatcher for a company (Basically carrying around a cell and a book) and am enjoying everyminute of it as I have definetly learned how to deal with customers and how the dispatch side of things work and I really like the responsiblity and have met many pilots and have learned many things about helicopters and always more and more eager to learn about them, Hoping to land a base support err hanger rat job this summer somewhere in BC. Planning to attend heli school after I graduate in 2006 (have it narrowed down to 2 schools, both have good job placement options, one has referals and the other one hires its own grads).

Have a great day and Happy landings!!!


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