Frontier adding flights in FLA. while JetBlue is canceling in FLA


Apr 26, 2005
Although discussing two different airports, it is funny timing with the events all happening recently.
Pretty sure Frontier will have big fare sales to stay the #1 ULCC now that Spirit may go away, OR, they will simply wait for a disapproval from the gov (DOJ) and simply throw a new (fresh) bid out to purchase Spirit and will have an additional 400 million from the JB break up fee to help the newly merged Frontier/Spirit airlines to hook up. Then they could all send a big thank you letter over to JetBlue for helping with the finances to get the purchase done. Too funny if that would come true...

Frontier now adding international flights out of ALT. Poking that stick at JB and taking full advantage of being the largest ULCC left now that Spirit will no longer exist as a ULCC.

Since when?

Spirit is still an ULCC.

No merger had been approved by the DOJ nor any integration of any kind has taken place and they aren’t owned by B6.

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