Ted's Dating Life

To clarify, I flew Skywest, but it was in Phoenix and the employees at checkin were UA employees.

On the flight back Sunday, a UA pilot was non-revving and he thought Ted was destined to be a miserable failure, as did the ticket counter employee at LAX.

Only reason I flew UA is that HP doesn't see the logic in running a late night flight from LAX-PHX.

However you look at it, UA is dumping precious cash down the toilet by creating Ted, and it may be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

If the UA employees think that its OK to piss money away on Ted because achieving a profit isn't a goal, then they are doomed. If you don't have profit, you don't have jobs.

If I were the ATSB, I would laugh at UA when they come crawling for some more Gov't cheese...
Busdrvr said:
Next year after you take business 201, you'll understand. There is a value to maintaining market share and keeping FRNT on the low part of the S-curve
I guess Herb Kelleher must never have taken biz 201, since he said he'd rather lose on market share and win on profit.