Future pilot furloughs at AMR?


Oct 2, 2002
I''m a furloughed UAL pilot; just checking to see which company''s management will win the race to furlough the most pilots.

Here''s the current scoreboard (from ALPA''s website):
Number of Furloughed Pilots at Major U.S. Airlines:
(As of July 2003)
*United 1,555
American 1,559
Continental 637
Delta 1,310
Northwest 788
US Airways 1,839
* United will furlough 88 more pilots on July 31; 113 on August 30

On top of already announced pilot furloughs, UAL management plans on furloughing an additional 600-800 pilots. That puts UAL''s current estimate at 2350-2550 pilots; 25-28% of the seniority list.
Anyone care to post AMR''s announced and planned pilot furloughs?

Expect at least an additional 1000 furloughes at AA and maybe up to 1500. That will put about 25% of the list on furlough . . . . sold out in exchange for a bottom of the industry, long-term contract, only the possibility of a AE RJ job at another industry bottom contract, and probably no job to return to at AA anyway. AA will retire another 57 aircraft in the next year as well. In addition, there's very bad blood with ex-TWA, very bad blood with AE ALPA, but at least the APA leadership has seemingly cozy relations with management.
The white collar, highly trained professional, (like yourselves), have been ambivalent to the lesser people in our country for years. Now you are feeling the heat. This is because of the actions of your peers. Use your power for change. Not just in your Union but in your country. Many of you are ex-military, Do you remember the people that fueled and maintained your aircraft? The people that ensured you came back from every sortie safe? We are still here and are doing worse than you.We are also ex- airline employees.

Work with your mechanics union to keep maintenance work from going overseas. Be kind to your front line employees --the CSA's-- no matter how bad they are (The company pays them nothing). With your respect ---they will learn. Become managers of the company and realize ( however hard it may be --- and realize that that airlines have become "The Bus" and compete with the LCC's (at least on the domestic flights).

Many of you will be laid off. Please use that time to ponder and write to your representatives and colleagues to enhance our aviation system.

If not for me ---do it for yourselves.
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Winglet, thanks for the info. Sounds like AMR will have the same percentage on furlough as UAL; just a higher total number (due to larger pilot seniority list).

Flaptrack, nothing personal, but you're stereotyping. When I enlisted in the military, my rank was E-1. I know what it's like to live on a tight budget. I understand and sympathize with the plight of FAs and CSAs. You are allowing a few bad apples taint your opinion of the entire profession.
Prior to June 2003 (when the new labor agreement with APA kicked in), AA had furloughed 1177 pilots, with an expected 2000 to 2500 more coming as a result of the new agreement. AA furloughed 105 in June, 283 in July, 204 in August, and 146 in September, bringing the xxxulative total to 1915. So, AA should have roughly another 1200 to 1700 to go, depending on capacity and other factors.

Going back to the 1177 prior to June, and tacking on the midpoint of the estimates (2250), that would mean that, when the smoke clears sometime in the middle of next year, AA will have furloughed 3427 pilots. There are 13582 pilots on the AA seniority list, meaning that just over 25% of the pilots on the list will be on furlough.
What seniority date are the AA furloughs at now? I know guys I went through National Guard officer training with in 1983 who went to USAirways. I imagine they are back on reserve now.