Good chance Frontier will get DCA slot


Aug 19, 2002
[P]There was an article in the Denver Post yesterday about how Frontier applied for the DCA slot that National had.[/P]
[P]Looks like the favor is on Frontier from what I''m feeling. There are many supporters favoring Frontier getting the slot including several politicians.[/P]
[P]It makes sense actually. Frontier only has 1 flight to DCA, offers low-fares, and provides excelent connections to the west.[/P]
[P]If Frontier doesn''t get the slot, I hope United does since they don''t have an out of the perimeter slot and can provide connections to the Pacific.[/P]
There was nothing in that article that indicated that anyone was giving preference to Frontier. The Air Carrier Associaton said they supported the Frontier application, though they may also be supporting the America West application and the Alaska application. Who knows? Additionally, every airline has a pocketful of government officials supporting their respective applications. Alaska has a number of their own supporters, as does UA, AA, HP and US. I know you like Frontier and like to rally around DEN airport but so far nothing indicates a preference one way or the other, except that carriers with little or no presence at DCA generally get the slots.

Here's a link to the article that you provided at,1413,3...l?search=filter
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[P]Cart Pusher,[/P]
[P]Actually if it where my choice on which airline should get the slot. I would give it to United for the LAX service.[/P]
[P]They would be able to provide a service that no other carrier in DCA could. Connections to the Pacific.[/P]
[P]Frontier already has a flight to DCA and can already provide connections to the western US. A 2nd Frontier slot would further enhance connection options. But would that be better than connections to the Pacific? I don't think so.[/P]
[P]So if it were my choice, I'd give it to United.[/P]
[P]If they get it, great. If Frontier gets it, that'll be good too.[/P]
[P]There are SEVERAL policitians under Norman Mineta's administration who are actually in favor of Frontier. Don't forget that Frontier has been fighting for a 2nd slot since they started DCA service.[/P]