Good Luck to all of you at MCO RES


Aug 21, 2002
I wish you all the same luck I have had in finding new employment. I did predict that MCO would close within a year of my arrival there before I even filled out my transfer to MCO. So, I was off by a couple months.... I did plan to depart as soon as I locked in a new job, I hope more of you did the same. I know many who refused to accept the reality of our situation there and did not seek alternate employment, to them, I still wish you the best but you do not have much sympathy from me. Those who sought other employment and were unsuccessful, you have much sympathy.
My thoughts of course for those considering a transfer are negative. Don''t do it! You''ll go down the same road I took except you''ll have blinders on! Don''t go there! Stay where you are, don''t put out cash to move and then lose that job there. Stay home and find another way. There are jobs out there, look hard, be flexible and vigiliant. Remember, the customer service skills you learned while at US as they will help you get even more salary elsewhere!
More companies than airlines want that level of service and will pay to get it. It really does seem to be that everyone but the airlines value customer service highly. Don''t sell yourself short! I''m sure some will stay just because of retirement, but think twice, you may not be able to reach that point anyway with the way things are going. Sorry for all the negativity but I am just trying to help.