Got a good '' lost bag '' story?


Sep 22, 2002
Airline returns bag --- 13 years later
Associated Press - Nov 22, 2002
OKLAHOMA CITY - It''s taken 13 years, but Gov. Frank Keating finally has his briefcase back.
He lost it on a United Airlines flight from Washington to Tulsa in September 1989. At the time, Keating was general counsel for the Department of Housing and Urban Development.
Last Friday, the governor''s office received the briefcase in the mail from San Francisco, where it had been found on a shelf in a security office.
I was amazed, Keating said. I had forgotten all about it.
The briefcase contained birthday and Christmas presents for Keating''s mother-in-law. It was in good shape but had been opened to check for contents.
Jeff Green, a United spokesman in Chicago, said it was certainly an unusual case.
It is certainly not a standard practice, he said, but we''re glad we got it back to him. Sorry it took 13 years.
The contents of the bag included a 1970s calculator with dead batteries and the presents, which were wrapped. Keating said he would give them to his mother-in-law on Thanksgiving.
The incident should give hope to all air travelers who have lost items in transit, Keating said.
Your lost luggage is in orbit, somewhere, he said. It just keeps circulating in space like a satellite.