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Maybe not disruptive but it has been felt greatly. Some have even reported the Southwest Effect has taken place over there as well. It will be interesting to see the loads for the full year at year end 2019. I do know more Hawaii expansions are coming in Jan 2020 as well as some more added planes after or when the Max's are RTS. San Diego will get added as well. And maybe some more popular other US cities later in 2020. Could Hawaii be one of the airlines Southwest might look at? Don't know. Their size would work well with quick approval like JB. Just not sure if their routing system would work well.
I think the url title is rather misleading. WN's presence in the market doesn't seem all that disrupting if the article is to be believed.


jim, here comes some more "disruption" if ya will. We start already planned Sacramento to Hawaii flights in Nov. this year (next month) and the San Diego to 2 Hawaii locations will start in April 2020, early and late. There are talks of other cities being added outside of Cal. but might be determined if we get the Max's back in the air or if we get another model going to replace the Max's which would put it even further down the road. But, SWA does want to badly grow Hawaii going into 2020 just depends on how soon we can get more aircraft.
More and likely we will see a boost in Hou flights next year as well. (International Flights)

Southwest announces another city will begin Hawaii flights in April
Disruption is not SW adding flights. Disruption is what other airlines serving Hawaii are doing (or planning to do) to counteract the "Southwest affect." In other words disrupting other airlines from doing what they've been doing before there was a Southwest affect. The article I originally referenced didn't seem to report any major changes in what Hawaiian Airlines or others were doing in response to the growth of Southwest service. Nor, have I seen any articles reporting changes by Hawaii and others in their schedules or a/c types or city pairs. So for the time being I don't see any "disruption" in service to Hawaii.

When you see articles with headlines, such as "Hawaiian Airlines terminates LGB-HNL service" (Just an example. I have no idea whether Hawaiian serves LGB or not.) or "Hawaiian leases AB380 to serve XNA-HNL. Free F/C seats on first come first served basis." That is disruption to the market.:rolleyes:
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jim, I was being sarcastic and why I put the disruption word in parentheses. I too was making fun of the titles. Like I have said from the very announcement, sure the other airlines will feel it but will adapt to it as they do in other cities. The Southwest Effect helps them to a degree as well. Brings more passengers to them as they too match prices every time Southwest starts a new city. They probably even make out about the same as SWA not showing up due to the added passengers but the decreased ticket prices it's pretty much a wash or even better profits than before. Hawaii is busy enough to accomodate an added airline, I don't think any of the others will fold or quit unless they were already having problems before SWA showed up.

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