Health Coverage Tax Credit

Ananda Rakhit

Nov 6, 2018
PBGC took over my pension from UAL providing much reduced benefits. That's bad. But they provide something called a Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC) which pays 72.5% of healthcare premiums bought for individuals or families outside of ACA when you don't quality for the ACA and before Medicare kicks in. However this program is expiring at the end of 2019. It was extended last time in 2015 through a Treasury Department action signed by the President. I would like to organize a petition to extend it further for sending it to the Treasury department. I have joined the ex-Avaya employees forum and they are interested.
Any interest in joining me here? Thanks,
As the current administration is still determined to wipe out the ACA all the while lying about their plans to protect people with pre-existing conditions, I wish you luck.

I learned a new twist to the pre-existing conditions game last week. When the Repugs say they will protect people with pre-existing conditions what they means is that under their proposed plan, an insurance company can not deny you insurance coverage. HOWEVER, that insurance coverage will not be required to cover your pre-existing condition. Gotcha! Looks like you will be covered for summertime colds, and ingrown toe nails, but not your cancer.

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