Help request for a university project


Mar 6, 2013
Hello everybody,

I am currently pursuing my final degree thesis about "Aircraft Boarding Optimization". At the current stage of the project I need to research the different boarding strategies (procedures) used by airlines in order to get insight about the most commonly used boarding methodologies, which will make it possible to identify potential areas of improvement.

It is for this reason that I would be extremely thankful if you could provide information, based on your own experience, about the boarding strategies (i.e. back-to-from, window-middle-aisle, random, by group,...) used by the airline you have flown with. I would appreciate if you could answer in the following format:

1. Airline name
2. Boarding strategy name
3. Boarding strategy description
4. Call-off systems used to implement the boarding strategy in the boarding gate

Many thanks for your time and help.