Here's on Southwest jet you CAN get a meal on.


Aug 21, 2002
By God Indiana
Donna Robertson had no idea that asking for an airplane and getting one would set off such an interesting chain of events.

“This has been an experience. I had no idea how popular it would be,â€￾ she said.

Robertson owns and operates the Parachute Inn located at the Walnut Ridge Airport next to Universal Asset Management, a business owned by Steve Manley, who buys and sells airplanes.

Robertson said she half jokingly mentioned to Manley one day how she’d like to have one.

“Just pick one out,â€￾ he told her.

And she did.

“I wanted this one,â€￾ she explains of the once Southwest jet she selected. “They flew it in from Dallas, Texas. The mayor of Walnut Ridge was the only passenger.â€￾ Robertson said this is the second time the plane has made national news; the first was when it lost the No. 2 engine and made an emergency landing in Texas.

The next year would require a lot of time and energy spent securing the plane to the already existing restaurant and transforming it into a dining room that seats 60 people. Robertson said her brothers worked hard to see the project come to fruition.

No way! I had NO IDEA that Southwest recently retired "Love 1". I've seen that plane at SO MANY airports over the last year or so! I always thought it was following me or something. LOL!