Hey Pit Res,Int Res,how many calls on hold or abandoned 2day due to the storm?

Dec 21, 2002
I think I forgot how to pull up flifo..
I feel for ya'' guys. I hear from the transferees they are on your cases day and night, i.e.,don''t talk to your neighbor for even a sec or face castration, or worse..is that true?
Thankfully, I still have all my body parts. Severed has a much more positive and less stressful meaning for me these days..and for a couple hundred others too.
Hang in there! Spring and round 3(?)[img src=''http://www.usaviation.com/idealbb/images/smilies/8.gif''] are just around the corner.
Looks like they all took the day off?..usairwaysdotcom rules!
----or they're all still at work making big bucks to make up for the pay cuts---seems there should be lots of ot
Really was not that bad. Most calls I saw on hold was 60 and that was during the late afternoon. The day before though we were pushing almost 200 calls on hold as the pax were calling to change the reservations.