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Feb 20, 2003
I didn''t realize there was a seperate JetBlue forum. Anyways, I asked on the employment forum whether they were hiring or not as I''ve applied for several positions and haven''t received any word back yet. I only live two miles away from their HQ. So, what do they look for in hiring people?
Go to and click on "Work Here".

We are rapidly growing and are always hiring for a large number of positions. What does JetBlue look for? Values and personality.

Good Luck!

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Actually, I've applied for a lot of jobs, but I haven't heard anything back. And the application procedure on website doesn't seem to be working - it keeps saying I have been rejected as soon as I submit. Are you guys that efficient?
Gosh, I hope we're not that "efficient..." If we were, I might still be flying that aero club 172 in southern Virginny.

Try using a different computer. I'm not saying that the website is perfect, but the People Dept has been working on it extensively for the past few months to make it a viable way of applying for a job. The problems you have encountered seem to be specific to some types of computers--try using a friend's or go to the closest library and put in your application there.

Best of luck!
you might try clearing out the "cookies" in your browser, then retrying the form. If that fails, try mailing your resume into the headquarters, or if you live close by, drop it off in person. In the days of e-mailed resumes, such an action might just stand out.

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