Management decisions and why we are doomed


Aug 19, 2002
From my point of view (fwiw), what I see as the problem that has kept our airline on such a rocky road for all of these years, is that many managers are making decisions based on what is best for them personally rather than what is best for the company. Some try to put off making any decisions and are just keeping their heads low until retirement.Many of the middle (and lower) managers have built nests that they expand in those rare times when we are making money and hide in the lean years. Even now when times are the toughest yet, and we have all sacrificed and are still putting out the best possible product given the circumstances, there are still managers out there guarding there little empires of waste and making decisions that are short sighted and foolish. If it weren''t for a few really excellent managers and a top of the line labor, this airline would have folded years ago. My coworkers and myself, after having given so much of our lives to this airline that we know has all of the resources to be the best in the world, find it frustrating and demoralizing to watch certain managers abuse their positions with the company and continue to treat the company as though it is a big pie that they can steal pieces of when no one is looking. However, this type of behaviour does not go unoticed by lowly labor, rather the glaring hypocrisy and greed of these individuals fuel a disgust and distrust of management that not only includes those committing the crime, but of thr top management as well for not being AWARE of what is going on beneath them. We realize that the industry is changing, and we are willing to make the sacrifices neccesary for our airline to succeed AND still perform above industry standards, but until the situation with middle management is fixed, this airline will never have the morale of a Southwest or even a Jet Blue. It is sad really, we do such a good job in spite of our management rather than because of it. Low pay we can deal with, but hypocrisy, lies, and lack of respect is starting to drive some of us to look for companies that we can be proud to work for, be part of a team, be appreciated. If Dave truly wants to be a part of this company, and bring us all together as a team, first he needs to give this company a good enema and wash away the disease that is festering within.
Amen Simfixer. There's a cancer at the Crystal Palace. Dave must be insulated from what's truly going on. I think it might be to late to correct. Morale within the company is gone.

Sadly, I am coming to believe the new regime is of a part with the old regime.

I really want to be wrong about that.

On a different note, I trust you are doing well, and I really enjoyed the 'Dilbertesque' overtones of your topic header!
I agree we are still awaiting labor friendly management in reservations. It is yet to be seen...we're still waiting...and hoping...