Maybe it’s Time to Call in The EXPERTS.

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Aug 20, 2002
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Maybe it’s time to call in the EXPERTS.
Who knows how to run an airline? A lot of us believe we can do it better. I’ve met very few pilots who haven’t expressed the belief that THEY could do better than whomever is at the helm. Almost every other post will find a flight attendant who has his or her own great ideas. The same goes for some who keep the planes in the air.
We all know something about the airline industry. We all see portions of the problem, as it affects our job and performance, and based on this “limited” view, tend to offer suggestions and or criticism. (It is easy to see “problems”.)
Which group of people sees the entire picture? The answer is simple. It is our passengers. Not the once a year grandmas, or the summer vacationers, but those we so desperately want to return to airline travel, the business travelers. They can better identify the areas, and changes required, which will tend to make them want to return, than all the sales and marketing people in the world.
Hopefully, their thoughts and opinions will find their way to top management and action will be taken to respond swiftly and appropriately to retain their loyalty to American Airlines.
The passenger has become the expert! It is time to listen.
Randy Kramer
“The Passenger Is King”
Thank you Captain Randy!

And if you will recall, last year when some of us TWA Aviators had concerns about American's intentions to not include our "miles since enrollment" towards our AAdvantage accounts, as they do for other AAdvantage members, and which helps high mile flyers to achieve "lifetime status", we got together and diplomatically appealed to Mr. Carty. Mr. Carty forwarded our concerns to the President of the AAdvantage program, who considered our humble request and granted it.

As far as I'm concerned, AA showed a lot of class and proved that they DO respond to their customers, whether original or acquired. AA let me and my friends know that they do indeed listen to us and are willing to respond accordingly. AA put their best foot forward, and the world's largest airline changed its policy at the request of five newly acquired customers. I will not forget that. They didn't have to do that. But they did and in the process I think they earned a lot of loyalty with their goodwill. I'm proud to say that AA is now MY airline and they did it the old fashioned way--they earned it! AA has proven they listen to their customers, just as you have suggested Captain, and it is indeed to their credit.

Contrast this with the bankrupt US Airways, who in their time of great desperation, has chosen to move their corporate bowels upon their very best customers. Guess which airline will survive and prosper in the years to come?

Take care and thanks for the thoughtful post.

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