Merger Coincidence or not?

USA320Pilot used to use his own name and got scared when US issued a new internet message board policy and asked the moderators to change his name.

Would that be close to the same thing as the LavMan being thrown off the boards and then only to resurface as 700UW?

I bid a piece of equipment that is lower paying than I can hold for "quality of life" purposes, and things have never been better. Part of that is because I served my country and retired from the U.S. Air Force, which is a true blessing in many ways.

Oh, so when did this happen? Seems to me you were a mediocre Navy pilot (who couldn't land on a carrier...) and took a RESERVE gig with the AF RESERVES. So which is it? Did you retire from the AF RESERVES (to get you retirement at age 60) or from the Air Force?