Merry Christmas!


May 27, 2016
To all here Merry Christmas, ..... You too Bears!
Look dell, All i want for XMAS from You is for the Steelers to 'tune-up' the Ravens good, and be Super Ready, enroute to win the AFC over the team that resides up Here !
Seriously Bears? Could you for once refrain from using language like this? Is your vocabulary that limited?

This is a Merry Christmas thread. Please show some respect.
Within what's only laughably called "civilization"; It's worth observing that 102 years ago a great many young men who's then sole purpose in life was to kill each other knew the magic of Christmas enough to stop doing so for a night and day, and instead deeply felt the bond of their shared humanity, even at the clear risk of their very lives for standing up and stepping out of the trenches to greet one another. The literal Spirit of Christmas kept bullets from flying and tearing flesh and lives away then. I'd defy anyone to show me any occasion when atheistic "Bah Humbug!"/Politically "correct" notions saved so many lives, if even for just a brief moment in time.

My best wishes for a most Merry Christmas to all! :)
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