"midatlantic" F/a Incentive Package

Light Years

Aug 27, 2002
Here is the "incentive package" the company and the AFA has come up with in an effort to stop the E-Division F/As from quitting en masse. They are hoping to keep enough people around while Republic trains thier replacements. If everyone leaves, the company would have to revamp the mainline training program and bring on new hires to be furloughed in a few months, or fully qualify Airbus/Boeing F/As on it.

Which makes me wonder... if all of the E-Division F/As left and the company had to use mainline F/As on the remaining 170 fleet, would that in fact cause a recall of the very F/As that made up MAA?

Anyway, here it is in all of it's glory.

Incentive Package Summary
Effective date: retroactive to September 1, 2005

1. Lump-Sum "Stay" Bonus:
The Company will make a lump-sum payment to each flight attendant who remains active with MidAtlantic until released by the Company. Any flight attendant who is released by the Company will receive a lump-sum payment equal to two hundred dollars ($200.00) per month, subject to a maximum cap of two thousand dollars ($2,000) per Flight attendant.

Should a flight attendant be released on a day other than the beginning of a bid month, the flight attendant will receive the lump-sum bonus applicable for that month if he/she was active for at least 50% of that bid month. (Example 1: A flight attendant released on 20th day of bid month would receive the lump sum bonus for the month if active for the first twenty (20) days of the bid month. Example 2: A flight attendant released on 5th day of bid month would not receive the lump sum bonus for the month even if active for the first five (5) days of the bid month.)

2. Released by the Company:
A Flight attendant is deemed to be released by the Company if she/he is: involuntarily furloughed; accepts voluntary furlough; accepts a position with Republic; is recalled to Mainline US Airways; or is activated to military service.

A flight attendant who is recalled to Mainline as a result of vacancies created by a Voluntary Furlough (VF) or Voluntary Furlough Limited Recall (VFLR) Program and who is held at MidAtlantic by the Company pursuant to the MidAtlantic Airways Transitional Flow Provisions, Section 2.K, will not be deemed to be released by the Company.

3. No Absence Bonus:
Flight attendants who remain active until released by the Company, will receive a bonus of fifty dollars ($50.00) for each month of perfect attendance payable upon release. Perfect attendance for purposes of this provision is defined as a month in which the Flight attendants record does not reflect no-shows or sick calls and/or the flight attendant does not voluntarily drop below seventy-five (75) hours.

4. Payout of Sick Balances:
The Company will pay out the remaining hours in the flight attendants sick leave bank at her/his applicable hourly rate of pay if she/he remains with Company until released.

5. Increase Monthly Guarantee in November and December:
The minimum monthly guarantee will be increased from seventy-five (75) hours to seventy-eight (78) hours for the months of November and December 2005.

6. Company Forgiveness of Uniform Balances:
The Company will forgive the entire remaining uniform balance if the flight attendant remains with MidAtlantic until released by Company.

7. Post-Service Medical:
If a flight attendant remains until released by Company, the Company will extend ninety (90) days of post-service medical benefits at the employee premium for any flight attendant who previously elected medical/dental coverage.

If a flight attendant accepts employment with Republic, post-service benefits will be extended until she/he is eligible for coverage at Republic. A MidAtlantic Flight attendant who returns to Mainline is not eligible for this extension.

8. Holiday Pay:
Each flight attendant who works a trip or sits OPR on Thanksgiving, Christmas and/or New Years Day will receive an additional $100 bonus per holiday worked.

9. Enhanced Travel:
The Company will provide each flight attendant two (2) space positive tickets, and two (2) First Class upgrades upon release by the Company.

10. Senior Commuter-Reserve Lines:
Effective with the November 2005 bid month, the Company will build a limited amount of reserve lines reflecting the first fifteen (15) days on duty and last fifteen (15) days of the month off duty, and vice versa. Scheduling will provide the required 24-hour break. However, the 24-hour break may be downline or in domicile.

The Company will begin with at least nine (9) lines, with the number per base to be determined by the Company. Future amount of lines will be reduced in proportion to the number of reserve flight attendants remaining.Â

11. Voluntary Short Call (VSC):
The Company will pay an hourly premium (36%) to flight attendants who make themselves available to be used before the draft or junior manning. This is done on an as-needed basis and approved by Scheduling. Notification of the VSC will be done as today.

This premium is in addition to the three hours and thirty minutes (3+30) of pay for VSC. Example 1: A person who makes her/himself available and is utilized for a five (5) hour trip would receive his/her five (5) hours of pay at regular rates plus the premium for five (5) hours of pay. The three hours and thirty minutes (3+30) additional guarantee is offset by the 5 hours. Example 2: A person who makes her/himself available and is utilized for a three (3) hour trip would receive his/her regular rate of pay for three hours and thirty minutes (3+30) plus premium pay for three (3) hours.

12. Reduce OPR Duty:
Effective October 2005, OPR shift is reduced from 8 hours to 4 hours.Â

13. Pay OPR and Trip:
A Reserve flight attendant on OPR will receive either two (2) hours pay plus the trip value, if flown, or three hours and thirty minutes (3+30), whichever is greater.

14. Increased Value of a Lineholder Reserve Day:
The value of a Lineholder Reserve Day is increased to five (5) hours or trip value, whichever is greater. A flight attendant may make herself/himself available for one, two or three off days. Scheduling will approve the need for additional reserves. Scheduling will utilize the Lineholder first, and the Lineholder may be assigned a trip or OPR.

15. No Loss of Recall Rights to Mainline if a Flight Attendant goes to Republic:
A MidAtlantic Flight attendant who goes to Republic will retain her/his recall rights to mainline US Airways

16. Voluntary Bidding for Furlough Date:
More senior flight attendants who would like to be released to leave MidAtlantic voluntarily will be given the opportunity to do so if it protects a job of a more junior flight attendant.

17. Broken Lease / Extendced Lease Payment:
Flight attendants forced to break a lease as a result of a required move will be eligible to submit for reimbursement any broken lease penalty along with any other reasonable expenses pursuant to Section 5. Moving Expenses of the MidAtlantic Flight attendant Agreement. (Note: Section 5 of the MidAtlantic Flight attendant Agreement limits reimbursable expenses to a total of $1,000).

In order to be eligible for this reimbursement, the flight attendant must make all reasonable efforts consistent with their lease terms and applicable state law to avoid incurring the penalty and must provide the Company with the documentation of the penalty incurred and their efforts to avoid the penalty.Â

Prior to extending a lease, a flight attendant must advise his/her supervisor of his/her requirement to extend such lease. Flight attendants who share living arrangements will not be able to submit reimbursement requests for the same broken lease penalty. Claims must be submitted no later than thirty (30) days from date of release.

18. TDY and Displacement:
In the event of temporary duty assignments (TDY) and out-of-base single trip assignments, the Company will continue to provide must-ride deadhead travel to trip origination and from trip conclusion back to the flight attendants domicile.

For flight attendants who are displaced, the Company will provide four (4) Space Positive passes per month between the displaced-from (original) domicile and the displaced-to (new) domicile for the purposes of going to and from work. Requests for space positive travel must be made in advance and are subject to Company policy. Furthermore, travel must be on MidAtlantic, a US Airways wholly owned subsidiary or US Airways Mainline.

19. General:
In order to remain eligible for end-of-employment incentives, flight attendants must continue to be in compliance with all MidAtlantic employment policies and practices, including attendance rules.
Light Years said:
Man B. Riggle sure negotiated that one good - what a tool she is!!! I say we pass out a resignation letter and everyone sign it and be done - then let them figure out what to do!!
THey should all quit today.. Go work for JetBlue, they are hiring right now. Better pay.

The company would be hosed.. E170's would be on the ground right now.

No way they could train anyone fast enough on the aircraft to get them back in the air today, tomorrow or by the end of the week.. Simple as that..
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Who's going to work on Christmas? They are all going to quit right before. Come on now, they can't be that dumb. Actually yes they can, and then they'll act surprised. Another Airways Christmas.

Does Doug know about all of this?
Be aware that if your state employment service deems the "incentive money" to be a severance package, it may delay or cancel your eligibility for unemployment insurance compensation. The rules vary from state to state, but in Texas severance package money is considered an extension of payroll status; so, it delays or (depending on the money amount) denies eligibility for UI.
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Light Years said:
Furthermore, travel must be on MidAtlantic, a US Airways wholly owned subsidiary or US Airways Mainline.


This is amusing. So if the flight is operated by Mesa, Chautauqua, Republic, Trans States, Air Wisconsin, Air Midwest, or Colgan you're out of luck. Which is pretty much everything.
Light Years said:
This is amusing. So if the flight is operated by Mesa, Chautauqua, Republic, Trans States, Air Wisconsin, Air Midwest, or Colgan you're out of luck. Which is pretty much everything.

That's typical of the outright contempt management has for its employees. On Tuesday you can work on the 170, but on Wednesday you cant even ride on it. Got to love the outsourcing!
Please stay until we hire your replacement, NOT!! I would be out the door. I am sure some are staying while looking for a new job, but if I didn't HAVE to stay, I would being saying SEE YA!! Just my thoughts..............
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I would guess they are being strategic about it if you know what I mean.

They have lost about 30 in the last two months. There are only two hundred and the holidays are coming. Hellooo...
Light Years said:
If everyone leaves, the company would have to revamp the mainline training program and bring on new hires to be furloughed in a few months, or fully qualify Airbus/Boeing F/As on it.



The company cannot train people, either outside "new hires" or current Boeing/Airbus Division ("BAD") employees. The Embraer division does not have an FAA certified training program, which I belive takes months to put together (manuals, training the trainers, hiring, etc). Neither new hires nor "BAD" employees can be door trained because the door mock-up has been sold and delivered to Republic already, who needs it to train permanent replacements for the Embraer division flight attendants... no training door, no ability to train, other than taking a badly needed E-170 A/C out of commission for the sole purpose of condcting door training and certification. Oh, yeah... and they would have to ferry the A/C to CLT because there is no scheduled E-170 service there.

The company is between the proverbial rock and hard place, and management is so stupid they don't even realize that yet.

Oh, and using the "BAD" acronym should not in any way imply that I believe employees from the Boeing/Airbus Division are sub-par, or bad. In fact, BAD employees are great!

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Looks like this one (the Replacement Workers/Republic one) will be the only one flying on the holdays.


The rest will be on the ground staring at the customers. :(

Why is this company so mean to it's employees? :(
why is bobby riggle still in office, what happened to the pages and pages of signatures for her recall?
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The silliest thing about it is, all they would have to do is give the longevity they are entitled to, and the mainline pay they are entitled to and everyone would stay regardless of the rotten situation.

It's such a blatant stab in the back to thier most willing and eager employees (they'd have to be to be there).

Very sad situation that is not going to work out well for anyone, and reflect VERY badly on the "New" US Airways. I hope the new management thinks the outsourcing was worth the drama that's coming.
bootRiggle said:
why is bobby riggle still in office, what happened to the pages and pages of signatures for her recall?

Very simple thinking behind this that the union is too stupid to figure out, but there is a reason she is still there and it is to our benefit, So time will prevail - wait it out for results and you will see why she is still there, she is basically just a filler for the stand that we will take and it is good to have someone on the stand that is in bed with the company when we march to the courtroom. This is our representation folks - what a beauty!!!
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I think they are pretty much through with the AFA in general. Those efforts have been put into the lawsuit. In fact I think the AFA is named alongside the company in the suit? The pilots are suing ALPA.