More Massive Layoffs for 2009 then? Even in Miami

AA is trying to negotatie to eliminate the ridiculous 70-seat/25 plane clause. They want to bring in a contracted carrier flying 75-95 seat RJs to MIA ASAP.

AA can have as many 70 seat aircraft as they want. There is no restriction with AA pilots flying them.
AA can have as many 70 seat aircraft as they want. There is no restriction with AA pilots flying them.

There are restrictions, though, with having Eagle pilots fly them, and there is nothing economical about flying a 70 seat E-170 at mainline rates when others do it at regional rates. Greedy unions screw things over again.
Bears, I may be not remembering things correctly - but aren't those two airports surrounded by I don't want any airplane noise over my neighborhood NIMBYs? Those things tend to go hand in hand with high income and expensive property values. Even the clowns living in Long Beach have limited their airport to 41 daily mainline flights (most of which are flown by B6). And LGB isn't even all that high-income.

I agree that suburban NYC should be a terrific market for making money with 738s to ORD, DFW and MIA. Maybe even the west coast if the runways are long enough. But look at ISP. Eagle doesn't even fly there anymore, does it? I used to fly there from BOS on the SAABs. Fun flight. Great little airport in a nice suburban Long Island location. By all rights, AA should be able to fly a few daily 738s from ISP to the hubs.

Maybe you're right and AA can make a go of it at HPN. AA still flies three daily flights from BUR to DFW.

Well AA could easily fly 738s into ISP, they flew Md-80s in there for years, to ORD and other locations but after they built things up they abandoned it and now SWA flies in and out all day long. AA made money out of ISP but claimed that they could utilize the equipement better elsewhere when they pulled out, that left the opening for SWA.Maybe its the little things like this that makes SWA turn a profit despite paying the highest wages in the industry while others, like AMR, lose money.
Greedy unions screw things over again.

Sure MAH4546,

The "regional" payscales have already proven that no one qualified chooses to go to work for them as a pilot. Even Eagle is hiring pilots with barely 200 hours of flight time. I guess you think that's a recipe for success.
as are most of the other "regionals".

I already limit the exposure my family has during non-revving.