Multi-Airline Connection JFK


May 3, 2017
Hi I am traveling next week to Italy and I am flying from Columbus to JFK on American Airlines and then I am switching airlines to Iberia at JFK to go to Madrid and then to Venice, so I am switching from Terminal 8 to Terminal 7. I booked everything through American Airlines--I guess they have a partnership with Iberia. I wanted to check a bag. If I check a bag at my original destination in Columbus, will I have to pick it up at JFK since I change terminals and re-check so that it goes to Venice or can I simply check the bag in Columbus and be done until I reach Venice? I only have a 2 hour connection so I am concerned about the time. Also American Airlines and Iberia are part of the OneWorld Alliance. Thanks in advance for any help!
you should be able to check your bag all the way thru to your final destination AA and Iberia are both part of One World and yes they have code sharing Your itinerary upon checking in at the counter with your bag should print your bag tag all the way to your final destination once you check your bag it should transfer from AA to IB in JFK per the flight youre booked on all the way to italy

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