Names on Aircraft


Aug 30, 2002
Hi All,
I was wondering how and who chooses the names for the aircraft? I live in Long Beach, CA. and have been keeping track of all names as I find it very interesting. I have all aircraft up to N537JB, still looking for the latest addition which I believe is either N542JB or N543JB. Any help on this question would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
JetBlue offers their employees a chance to enter the "Name the Plane" contest every year. Of the thousands of names suggested, a committee selects the chosen few. Those employees who submitted the winning names are invited to fly to Toulouse (with their significant other) for the pickup once the jet is ready for delivery.

Not too shabby a program!
537: Red, White, and Blue
542: Deja Blue (this one has nose number 542, but is registered N513JB. There was some confusion at Airbus. Expect this plane to be reregistered back to N542JB)
543: Only Blue
544: Coming this week. Dunno the name yet.

There are seven more planes coming this year (including 544) and eight names left on the list to be allocated. Expect another contest in a couple of months.
Thanks for the information much appreciated. How kewl it would be to ride a delivery flight from Toulouse, what a great employee reward.

You can check out the jetBlue page on my website at;

Glad to have jetBlue in Long Beach.

How do I get my name on one???
The "Spirit of MrMarky" or something like that.

Money...and lots of it...wouldn't hurt for starters.[:bigsmile:]
I love the plane name thing. The slogan that I thought was great was on the latest and newest Virgin A340-600?
I think that is the type. Supposedly the longest plane flying. On the side reads, "Mine is bigger than yours!"

got to love it!