Nov 8, 2002
I heard rumors that Air Tran is looking at adding some additional cities in 2003, most in mid-atlantic and south, any imformation? Thanks.
ATL-DEN is already on the list for this year, service begins May 21. I'd fully expect more than a few new cities this year, with added frequency between existing city pairs. As for the mid-atlantic or south that may happen......but I think the operative phrase in Orlando is "Go West".......
Any new cities seem to be really tight lipped right now. GRR and DTW have been brought up. Have also been told that plans are being worked on to re-establish service to TOL - HQ for AirPath Wireless...FL's internet/IT partner - through the use of CRJs. AirPath folks are usually told in advance of new cities - however DEN was an exception. If I hear anything...will let you know - if appropriate.
On 1/21/2003 5:34:18 AM coolflyingfool wrote:

I would love to see Airtran in LAS. I know that the 717 cannot go LAS-ATL non-stop, but maybe a continuation of the DEN run. I hope because I am tired of Delta.

America West flies LAS-ATL non-stop. If you're willing to make a stop, you can take just about any airline.
I know that AWA is an option, but I am not using them right now. My last flight on them cancelled, which happens, and they said they could reroute me, and I said okay. My new route went from LAS-SNA, change planes and get back on that same plane. Then I go from SNA-PHX and change planes again. And then I get on a later non-stop PHX-BOS, which was delayed. I arrived in BOS almost 4 1/2 hours after the original time.