Northwest Orders 787s And Dumps Bud Light


Jan 5, 2003
Now here's some real NEWS, not some four year old cut and paste nonsense.

Northwest Airlines Orders Boeing 787
Thursday May 5, 4:45 pm ET

MINNEAPOLIS, May 5 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Northwest Airlines (Nasdaq: NWAC - News) announced today that it has ordered 18 Boeing 787 twinjet airliners to support the carrier's long-term fleet renewal program.

Initial deliveries of the 787 will begin in August 2008. Northwest also holds options and purchase rights for an additional 50 aircraft.

Northwest will be the first North American carrier to put the 787 "Dreamliner" into revenue service.

"We believe that the Boeing 787 provides Northwest Airlines with a new- generation, long-range aircraft that will allow us to tailor our growing international route system to best address our customers' travel needs," said Doug Steenland, Northwest Airlines president and chief executive officer.
Congrats to everyone at NWA. This will be a great addition to your fleet. Always nice to be the first to have the new iron!

On another note, I think this speaks volumes about the direction the majority of airlines will be going with regards to the Boeing vs. Airbus lineup. In less than a week we've had Air Canada, Air India, and now NWA all jumping on the Boeing bandwagon. And two of those (AC & NWA) are current Airbus widebody operators.

When you consider that as of now NWA is the largest carrier to order the aircraft, if you're Airbus you're really doing some hand-wringing when you think about the direction AMR, DAL, UAL (maybe!), BA, LH, etc. will be going. The orders from those carriers alone could number upwards of 300-500 aircraft!

Again, congrats to all at NWA.

Z B)
Isn't it amazing that NWA's B-787 announcement and its Bud Light announcement shared the top billing spot for airline news yesterday. Now that must be some good beer they are serving up over there at Miller. To trump a multi-billion dollar airplane order is pretty impressive.
I guess the employees will be paying for the 787s. It happened in the past and I guess it will happen this time. Well.......that is if we dont go under first. Everyone that works for NWA better bid up and pay off...................its going to be a rough few years. God help us all.