NWA Bldg. C Boneyard

Saabmeister, here is an update to the NWA "boneyard" in MSP.

I was in the neighborhood, so I decided to check out the hulks for myself. The only one that was left was the DC9-50 (the one that ran into the A320). The DC10 was gone. I did notice that there were two 10's in Bay 4 of Bldg. C, so it might have been moved there.

You were correct in saying that the DC9 was cannibalized; everything that could be removed from it was (horizontal and vertical stab, all flight controls, landing gear, even down to the insulation blankets in the cabin!).

A few months ago in Indianapolis there were three 757s hiding behind the big maintenance facility there. 3 planes and 5 mising engines...totally normal.

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