Oasis Project?

Never mind. Unless you want to weigh in on the topic. I just googled it for grins. OMG! :eek: The passenger reviews on Tripadviser are negative beyond belief. I think this "Oasis" will prove to be a dry watering hole. Cutting the leg room of the First Class passengers is not where I would have started in a refurbishment.
You really need to walk the cabin, and look in the lavs to truly understand the justification of the negative reviews.
At the new america west anything for a profit.
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It's the nickname of the negotiations of the Company and the Association.

Its the name of a certain interior modification for entertainment,
I just finished working on the LUS OASIS Prototype line. It's smaller Lavs, lighter weight seats, lighter weight bins etc. for Airbus.
Same Lavs as Deltas who even squeeze 2 more seats in but somehow AA is horrible and Delta is great.