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Dec 21, 2002
Just a little diversion from all our heated debates here.
You think you have troubles?
Man Complains Bad Rope Spoiled His Suicide
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BUCHAREST (Reuters) - A Romanian man plans to complain to consumer authorities about the poor quality of a rope he used in a failed attempt to hang himself, Romanian papers reported Thursday.

You can''t even die in this country, 45-year-old Victor Dodoi was quoted as saying in the daily Adevarul.
The newspaper said Dodoi''s relatives found him hanging from a tree in his garden and managed to cut the rope with a knife. He was taken by horse-drawn cart and then by ambulance to a hospital in the northern town of Botosani.
Dodoi said he would file a complaint with the Consumer Protection Authority about the quality of the rope, which was easily cut, as soon as he is released
The name sounds like the pax who complained about his personal items getting all wet during yhe last thunderstorm. I remember the name written on the side of the cardboard boxes. One of the best suitcases I ever saw was a "Pamper's" diaper box. They are merely two brown paper grocery bags pasted together.

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