Nov 25, 2019

I purchased a ticket via travel agency (Travel Up) where the airline was British airways but carrier is Qatar Airways and later noticed that one letter from my middle name is missing.

My name is spelt Waleed Naq Khan whilst should be Waleed Naqi Khan.

Is this going to be an issue?

I called British airways and they said they can’t do name corrections as I bought ticket via travel agency. Spoke to travel agency and they advised they can’t change name as BA won’t let them due to another airline involved. Qatar obviously won’t do anything as they are just a carrier.

Can someone pls confirm from their experience if this won’t be an issue?
It's the travel agency's obligation to correct their error.

If they refuse, ask for a guarantee in writing that they will reimburse you for any alternate transportation and lodging expense if refused boarding by Qatar...

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