Orlando Downsizing


Nov 26, 2002
According to this web site Orlando is going down to as few as 4 gates.
Well, with Metrojet gone, the company really doesn't need many gates at MCO anymore. By my count, MCO will have 21 daily mainline flights in January to PHL, CLT, PIT, and DCA. Gate and terminal space aren't free, so if US Airways can reduce the drain on its resources by giving up some leases at MCO, then they probably need to do it.
I was on the MCO website earlier today and it appears that DL is not using gates 90-99 anymore. Anyone know if they have gave them up or just have temporarily stopped using them?

I would imagine that US will use the 4 gates on the end of 50-59. This is what they had back 15 years ago before all of the expansion started...

Gates are becoming easy to come by at MCO these days!