Pilots and F/A's now feeling how the Mechanics were treated in nego's.


Apr 26, 2005
The co. seems to be going down the absolute wrong road yet again with nego's. They first destroyed the relationship with the Mechanics and now are on that same path with the Pilots and F/A's. NOT a good move with the position they are currently in.
Where is the action from the co. that they want to regain the relationships with the employees? Actions speak louder than words.
When us Mechanics get into nego's it better go way better than the Pilots and F/A's as promised by upper management and the leaders at SWA that said they will never do another nego's like the last time with Mechanics. To have the 3 biggest groups in complete negative nego's would not be a good position to be in.
Wake up SWA and get back to "Taking Care of the Employees" for a change, that's when everything ran smoothly, and we made all kinds of profits for the co and the employees, HELLOOOOO!!!