Pilots Union Comes to Agreement "No Furloughs" Thru May 2021


Oct 23, 2010
This is good news for the JB Pilots. Way to go ALPA and JB! For coming up with a way to avoid layoffs. JB could have taken the easy way out like some other airlines are doing come Oct 1st. The question now is; If JB and ALPA can do this thru May 2021, why can't all the other airlines? I would be interested in reading the memo and the details of this agreement, it could help entice other airlines to do the same and at least further put off the layoffs into 2021. Still in hopes that congress will extend the PPP (Payroll Protection Plan) to the airlines to carry no furloughs into 2021.
Another first move by JB again. They were also first in announcing mask/face coverings on board AND will be enforced during flights in the air, Kudos to JB and ALPA, job well done once again...

Rumor out there that AA selling the A330's to jetblue for greater access to Europe/South America....announcement tomorrow.
JB and American just signed an agreement of some sort, might be the rumors you are speaking of, I have not read it as of yet.
Well, Well, the JB Pilots just experienced first hand how important it was to get unionized. They (JB Pilots) just rejected the tentative agreement for the code share agreement between AA and JB. Good for them I say. They would have NEVER had a chance to this if not unionized, period. Sure, maybe, but I seriously doubt it, the company might have had meetings with them and some back and forth but, they would not have had the chance to "reject" anything unless they were unionized. Something the mechanics at JB need to really think about before any more serious talks on M&A go forward in our industry. If you guys don't get unionized you will not have one iota say so on any merger, acquisitions, or buyouts.

Something to think about JetBlue Mechanics...


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